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Welcome and thank you for visiting GTI Transport's website.

We are a family-run transportation company based in the Western Scottish island of Islay.

At the heart of our business is our dedication to providing safe, secure and quality transportation services that connect the Scottish islands to the mainland.

We provide transportation services to both commercial organisations and private individuals. These services and specialisms include:

  • Transportation for the whisky industry and related suppliers
  • General haulage and transportation services both into and out of Islay to all commercial organisations.
  • Personal Shopper service for Islay residents
  • HomeMove: Moving service for Islay residents and those moving onto and (hopefully very rarely) off of the island.



Owner of GTI Transport, Donald Gillies, was born and bred on Islay.

Donald Gillies
Donald Gillies

During his time away from the island, Donald worked his way through the UK and Europe gaining over 15 years transportation and logistics experience as both a driver and manager and now as an owner.




Specifically Donald's experience includes:

  • Managing a transportation company, with responsibility for all aspects of the organisation including risk analysis, service, training and management of staff.
  • Managing a fleet of over 200 vehicles and men throughout Europe.
  • Providing risk analysis and training to a major UK transport company.
  • Managing and training drivers.
About Islay

In addition to world renowned fine single malt scotch whisky, Islay offers fishing, golf, sailing, horse-riding and is a favourite spot for bird-watchers.

For more information visit VisitScotland.

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